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A site where sellers log in to create their listings, manage inventories, update prices, and monitor sales activities by communicating with buyers, reviewing the health of their business, and keeping a watchful eye on potential growth opportunities.

If your Amazon ASIN has been suspended, don’t worry! Our Amazon ASIN Reinstatement Service is here to help you get your Amazon listings back on track. We understand that various factors can lead to these suspensions. Our committed reinstatement specialists collaborate closely with you to pinpoint the key reason behind your suspension and craft a customized plan of action to reinstate listings. Our objective is to get you back to selling on Amazon quickly and successfully. Your journey back to the Amazon marketplace isn’t just a task; it’s our mission.

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Identify Root Cause

Our dedicated reinstatement team will investigate your ASIN suspension and identify the root cause to help you better understand the issue.

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Tackle the issue

Our team will assist you in getting your Amazon listing back if there are any issues. We’ll give you straightforward advice and help you make any necessary changes to your product information. If you need special certifications or licenses, we’ll let you know and guide you through the process.

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Prevent Future Suspensions

Our goal as reinstatement experts is to help you fix the root cause of any ASIN suspension and remain compliant with Amazon’s policies to prevent future suspensions.

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Why SPCTEK is a Seller’s First Choice for Account Reinstatement

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SPCTEK has a deep understanding of the Amazon Seller Central platform.

Our experts know what Amazon looks for in a Plan of Action (POA), and we can help you create a POA that is both effective and compliant.

SPCTEK has a proven track record of success.

Our Amazon Reinstatement Specialist have helped hundreds of sellers get their accounts reinstated, and have a high success rate.

SPCTEK is a comprehensive service.

We will not only help you identify the root cause of your account suspension, but will also draft a robust POA and submit it on your behalf until your account is reinstated.

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ASIN Creation Policy

  • Duplicate ASIN 
  • Variation Misuse 
  • Review Manipulation

Listing Policy Violation

  • Issues in Listing Content

Product Policy

  • Product Authenticity 
  • Product Condition 
  • Restricted Product 
  • IP Violation/Trademark


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Amazon ASIN reinstatement is the process of restoring a previously suspended or blocked Amazon ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) to active status, allowing it to be listed and sold on the Amazon marketplace again.

Amazon ASINs can be suspended for various reasons, including violations of Amazon’s policies, customer complaints, listing inaccuracies, intellectual property infringements, or issues with product quality or safety.

The processing time for Amazon ASIN reinstatement requests can vary depending on the complexity of the issues It may take several days or a few weeks to receive a response.

You should consider hiring a professional because they have experience dealing with Amazon and can make sure your appeal is just what they need, increasing your chances of reinstatement.

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