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Account Management
For Amazon

A site where sellers log in to create their listings, manage inventories, update prices, and monitor sales activities by communicating with buyers, reviewing the health of their business, and keeping a watchful eye on potential growth opportunities.

Amazon Account Management

Account Management

SPCTEK Amazon consultant Manages your Amazon account, so you can free yourself up to plan and monitor your business growth. From basic tasks like Seller account creation, Amazon ranking optimization, and Amazon account SEO to Amazon PPC Management and brand growth management, being one of the best Amazon account management companies in the USA, we provide full-service solutions to sellers who want to sell on Amazon but don’t have resources or expertise for micro-level Amazon seller central management.

Amazon Seller Account Creation

Setting up your Amazon account will require these essential documents and business information, such as a bank account, phone number, and tax information. SPCTEK will submit applications to register on Amazon Seller Central.

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Amazon Account Reinstatement

There are various reasons for account suspension which a seller does not know about. Our experts will carefully analyze the root cause of the suspension and provide the most effective plan of action that will help you appeal for your reinstatement.

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Category UnGating

Our team of experts has years of experience in getting product and listing approvals. SPCTEK will submit applications to ungate the category/brand.

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Listing Creation and Optimization

Our team of experts will create your brand listings from scratch to shine and will also provide you with advanced listing optimization for your brand to scale and be visible on top of the search results.

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Amazon Advertising Management

To gain more control over their listings’ visibility, Amazon Marketplace sellers can pay amazon to sponsor their products and place them higher in search results. Our team of experts will craft the most effective advertising campaigns that will help to increase your brand visibility.

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Amazon Account Audit

Our team of experts will go through your Seller Central and look at all areas and identify improvements in sales, and returns to growth, and provide a detailed report mentioning all the pain points that can be lethal for your amazon account.

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Brand Registry and Protection

A program designed to help brand owners protect their intellectual property and product content on Amazon. Brand registry is the most essential aspect of selling on Amazon. Our team of experts will be applying for your brand registry through Amazon.

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EBC A Plus Content

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), now known as A+ content on Seller Central, is what represents your brand on Amazon. Our team of EBC experts will design and showcase your product in a way that will look more impressive and professional, and capable of generating massive traffic.

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