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At SPCTEK, our team of experts will guide you to make your ideas into reality meeting all your business needs. Using SPCTEK services would be best if you are planning to launch and grow your eCommerce store.


Store Management

At SPCTEK, we get the project done exactly the way our clients want us to do. Shopify allows the most customizable platform to sell online. Though Our Shopify team experts knows the best fit for different projects, yet we always move forward catering the ideas of our client they present to us.
The visual attractiveness, ease of setup, and professionally designed templates are essential chunks of shopify, but what makes it outstanding are its plug-in capabilities. Clients do benefit from the advertising and above average security and site speed when constructed by an experienced shopify developer. And of course, SPCTEK is the place where doing so is a norm.

Listing And Optimization Of Your Products

Our Shopify Virtual Assistant support will make effective use of the easy user interface of Shopify eCommerce. The designated specialists will list and optimize your products through Shopify back-end which will get updated on your eCommerce storefront automatically due to the smart synchronization process. Thus you don’t need to operate each store listing separately now.

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Integration Of Online Marketplace

Our Shopify store management team will integrate your seller accounts with major online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. In this way, the difficulty of managing your digital marketplace accounts separately will be eradicated as there will only be a single platform to simultaneously operate all your accounts efficiently.

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Integration Of Social Media Accounts

SPCTEK Shopify Store Management team will integrate your social media accounts with Shopify back-end that will lead people towards your eCommerce stores. Such integration will result in an increase in traffic for your store and the overall profitability of your business.

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Managing Your Inventory And Orders

Our Shopify experts will effectively keep a check on your upcoming customer orders and inventory count using Shopify Store Manager

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Shopify Apps

Our vibrant Shopify Virtual Assistant support is able to perfectly make use of all types of Shopify apps available on the platform’s contemporary app store. These support plugins consist of free and paid versions to enhance your eCommerce experience.

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Live Chat With Shopify Support

Our professional Shopify Store Management specialists possess top-notch communication skills and thus they will effectively discuss all your eCommerce store issues in detail and come up with a resolution every time once they are promptly updated about the solution by Shopify Live Support.

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Live Chat With Customers

It is essential to keep in touch with your customers to ensure that they are fully satisfied with products and services. Our team would also communicate with your customers on your behalf by adding Live Chat widgets on your online store through which we will solve the issues of your customers on-the-go.

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