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Increased ROAS For A Ecommerce
Company By 7X

The Challenge

As a relatively new brand in the industry, some of the key challenges that the client faced were:

  • Lack of a clear and cohesive strategy for running paid advertising campaigns on Google.
  • Unable to generate leads that could be marked as marketing or sales qualified.
  • Absence of marketing-sourced revenue from the use of Google ads as a marketing channel.
  • No data-driven mechanism to identify and enhance potential opportunities for creating a solid pipeline for leads.

Hence, they wanted to partner with a marketing agency that not only specializes in providing exceptional Google ads management service, but can also help the client streamline their marketing operations through various data points involving Google paid media.
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The first step that we initiated was to conduct a thorough digital marketing audit of all marketing assets. These included the website, any previously conducted campaigns and Google Ads account overall.

The purpose of the audit was to identify any potential loopholes as well as low hanging opportunities that could be leveraged. Since the client wanted to get an immediate kickstart to their lead generation process, we decided to launch Google Ads campaigns for them.

One of the major services that the client wanted to focus on was Amazon seller account reinstatement. We worked closely with the client to identify advertising hooks that could not only help them generate qualified leads but provide them with customers with better lifetime value.

After much research, we created a dedicated landing page focusing on Amazon account assessment with clear messaging and offering. In addition to this, we conduct extensive competitor research to analyze all possible areas in terms of keywords, lead form placement and ad copies that could generate marketing and sales qualified leads.

With all these considerations, we launched our campaigns around Amazon reinstatement and closely monitored the number of impressions, clicks along with making corresponding changes in our ad copies and landing page accordingly. All these changes on the campaign, ad and landing page front helped us in providing the client with the results they were looking for.

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Through the formation and implementation of a concrete PPC strategy, identification of right
audience segments, and continuous optimization of landing page asset, we were able to
achieve the following results for the client:

  • Creating a steady flow of marketing qualified leads for the client.
  • Optimizing campaigns for enhancing conversion rate and ROAS.
  • Aligning marketing and sales teams to convert MQLs into actual revenue.
  • Generating a solid pipeline through data-driven insights.

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