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Etsy Seller Account Suspension: A Definitive Guide

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Getting your Etsy seller account suspended can be a big problem. It means you can’t sell things, talk to customers, or make money. This can hurt your finances a lot. So, it’s very important to do everything you can to stop it from happening.

Common Reasons for Etsy Account Suspension

There can be several reasons for Etsy account suspension; here are the most common ones.

Reselling Handmade Items: Etsy may suspend your account if you’re found reselling items acquired from wholesale suppliers, as they require items to be genuinely handmade or designed by the seller.

Selling Prohibited Items: Account suspension can occur for selling items prohibited by Etsy’s guidelines, including alcohol, tobacco, dangerous items, and content promoting hatred or violence.

Pending Payment of Outstanding Balance: Failure to pay Etsy fees and outstanding balances promptly can lead to account suspension.

Infringing Trademarks: Using copyrighted logos, names, or designs without authorization can result in Etsy shop suspension and potential legal issues.

Account Login Security: login from public locations or multiple workplaces can lead to Etsy account suspension. Using secure and private networks is recommended to avoid this.

How to Appeal Etsy Account Suspension:

Review the Suspension Reason: Carefully read the email from Etsy explaining why your account was suspended. Understand the cause of the suspension.

Address the Issue: If you violated Etsy’s policies, take corrective actions. For instance, if you were suspended for selling counterfeit items, remove those items from your shop and update your listings accurately.

File an Appeal: Visit the Etsy Appeals Center and login to your suspended account. Select the reason for your appeal and detail the actions you’ve taken to rectify the problem. You can also attach supporting documents.

Wait for Response: Etsy will review your appeal and respond promptly. If successful, your account will be reinstated. If not, you’ll receive an email explaining the reason.

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Introduction Founded in the year 2005, Etsy has emerged as an e-commerce marketplace that focuses on handmade, vintage, and unique factory-manufactured items. Since its inception, the marketplace has grown to 7.5 million sellers with 95 million buyers globally.

Unlike other marketplace platforms like Amazon and Walmart, Etsy has created its unique niche by focusing on and connecting buyers and sellers that only sell handmade and vintage goods. However, like other major players in the ecommerce marketplace industry, Etsy also has a strict rulebook for sellers that they need to comply with. This implies that any policy violation can result in seller account suspension.

In this blog, we explore the different reasons due to why a seller account can face suspension along with the possible solutions that can be applied to reinstate your seller account on Etsy. Let’s dive into these important rules!

Common Reasons for Etsy Account Suspension

There can be several reasons for Etsy account suspension; here are the most common ones.

1. Reselling Handmade Items

If you find your Etsy account suspended, one possible reason might be reselling handmade items. If you’re selling on Etsy, it’s important to remember that items must be handmade or designed by yourself. Reselling goods acquired from wholesale suppliers is strictly prohibited, and violations may result in account suspension

Etsy can ask you for proof that your items are genuinely made by you, which may include showing them pictures of how you created them if they suspect you might be reselling items.

2. Selling Prohibited Items

Etsy has strict guidelines about what you can sell on their platform. Selling prohibited items can result in account suspension. It’s essential to thoroughly review Etsy’s policies and prohibited items list to ensure your shop complies with It’s rules and regulations. These prohibited items include:

  • Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, and Paraphernalia
  • Animal Products and Human Remains
  • Dangerous Items: Hazardous Materials, Recalled Items, and Weapons
  • Hate Items: Promoting Hatred
  • Illegal and Highly Regulated Items
  • Internationally Regulated Items
  • Nudity and Mature Content
  • Violent Items: Promoting Violence

3. Pending Payment of Your Outstanding Balance

Etsy charges fees for listing items and other services, and if you fail to pay these fees promptly, your account could be suspended. Make sure to keep up with your financial commitment to prevent this from happening.

4. Trademark infringement

Etsy takes intellectual property rights seriously. If you’re using copyrighted logos, names, or designs without proper authorization, your Etsy shop may get suspended. It’s crucial to respect trademarks and copyrights to avoid account suspension and potential legal issues. Always seek permission or create original content to protect your Etsy shop.

5. Account Login Hurdles

Logging into your Etsy shop from a public location or workplace can raise concerns for Etsy’s security system, potentially flagging your account for suspected sharing. it might lead to the suspension of your Etsy account. Therefore, It’s essential to prioritize secure and private networks for accessing your Etsy shop and avoid log in from public areas or shared network connections.

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Types of Etsy Account Suspension

Etsy can suspend your account in two main ways:

  1. Temporary Suspension
  2. Permanent Suspension

1. Etsy Account Temporary Suspension

Etsy imposes a temporary suspension on your account when they detect a problem with your account, such as selling items that are not allowed or violating their policies. The length of the temporary suspension can vary, depending on how promptly you address the issue. If you’ve received an email from Etsy regarding the account suspension, it’s essential to thoroughly review the information provided and take the required actions to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

2. Etsy Account Permanent Suspension

Etsy enforces permanent suspension for sellers who repeatedly break Etsy’s rules or commit serious violations. If sellers face permanent suspension due to continuous policy violations that can be a significant setback for sellers who’ve invested in their businesses on the platform. Fortunately, there’s an option for those who wish to continue selling on Etsy. You can appeal to Etsy to request the reinstatement of your account.

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How to Appeal an Etsy Account Suspension?

Follow These Steps: Facing an Etsy account suspension can be a challenging situation for your business, however, the following steps can help you in reinstating your account.

Review the reason for the suspension

Etsy will send you an email explaining why your account was suspended. Be sure to read this email carefully and understand the reason for the suspension.

Take steps to address the issue

If you violated any of Etsy’s policies, you need to take steps to fix the issue. For example, if you were suspended for selling counterfeit items, you need to remove all counterfeit items from your shop and update your listings to reflect your accurate inventory.

File an appeal

Once you have taken steps to address the issue, you can file an appeal. To do this, go to the Etsy Appeals Center and sign in to your suspended account. Choose the reason for your appeal and add any actions you have taken to address the issue. You can also add any documents to support your appeal.

Wait for a response

Etsy will review your appeal and respond as soon as possible. If your appeal is successful, your account will be reinstated. If your appeal is unsuccessful, you will receive an email explaining why your account is still suspended.

Here Are Some Tips For Writing a Successful Appeal:

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Our process begins with a thorough diagnosis of the underlying issue that led to the suspension. Subsequently, we collaborate closely with you to address and rectify these issues. Finally, we prepare and submit a professionally crafted appeal to the Etsy department on your behalf.

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Wrapping up, it is essential to state that even though there are various reasons for Etsy account suspension, businesses need to ensure that they are not violating any policies of the platform that can result in account suspension and prove to be a setback to their business.

Moreover, in case of account suspension, businesses must seek immediate help from Etsy marketplace experts to timely diagnose issues that led to suspension and prepare a plan of action respectively.


If your appeal is denied, you can try contacting Etsy support for further clarification. Alternatively, you can explore selling on other platforms or consider alternative business models.

Using a VPN to bypass a suspension violates Etsy’s Terms of Use and could lead to permanent account termination. Always follow legitimate channels for resolution.

Enable two-factor authentication, use strong passwords, and regularly monitor your account activity for any unusual login attempts or changes to listings or settings

I received a “warning” instead of a full suspension. What should I do next?

Treat a warning as a serious red flag. Take immediate action to rectify the issue that triggered it. Review your listings, update policies, and proactively communicate with Etsy support to demonstrate your commitment to compliance.

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