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Case Study # 1

Regaining Amazon Buy Box Eligibility

The Problem

A renowned brand on Amazon faced a recurring challenge – losing Buy Box eligibility despite multiple approvals. This issue was eroding their revenue and online presence.

Amazon Account Management

Our Approach

Our team investigated the issue and discovered two key problems: incorrect category placement and uncompetitive pricing. We engaged with Amazon’s support teams, emphasizing the need for:

  1. Category Correction: Demonstrating the product’s rightful category, we gained Amazon’s approval to relocate it, enhancing visibility.
  2. Price Adjustment: Negotiating competitive pricing aligned with market standards, we restored the brand’s competitiveness.


Through persistent efforts, the brand achieved success in:

  • Regained Buy Box eligibility.
  • Increased product visibility.
  • Amazon corrected the category placement.
  • Price adjustment aligned the product with market standards.
  • Attracted a broader customer base.
  • Revitalized online sales presence.

Amazon Account Management

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