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Reasons Your Listing Doesn’t Make Sales on Amazon

Reasons Why Your Listing Doesn’t Make Sales on Amazon

While you can easily become an Amazon seller through Amazon Seller Central, just becoming a seller does not guarantee any sales on the platform. You also need to:

  • Explore various things to offer online and negotiate favorable terms with suppliers
  • Use Amazon EBC for your products
  • Capture stunning, professional-quality product pictures 
  • Devise an effective marketing and promotion plan

But what if you have gone through all these steps already and still find it hard to make sales on Amazon?

Let us reveal the problems you may face. There is no substitute for hard work to prevent the frequent issues many sellers face when they first begin selling on Amazon.

This article will help you know what is preventing your listing from appearing at the top of Amazon search results and make you understand what is preventing your listing from making sales and how you can be diligent about it. 

Right Keywords Selection

One of the most important parts of a successful Amazon listing is doing keyword research in the right way. People locate things on Amazon mainly through searching.

Right Keywords Selection

Customers that visit Amazon often search for what they want unless they come across an external link to a product detail page.

To locate items, buyers may insert several potential keyword searches. Therefore, one of the essential components of presenting items on Amazon is conducting adequate keyword research to appear in the search results. 

Missing out on vital search phrases might dramatically reduce your overall Amazon sales.

Here are a few things that you should remember while researching keywords:

  • Does my brand or product name already have a search volume?
  • Is there a high volume of searches for the keywords my consumers are most likely to enter into Amazon?
  • Do similar goods sell well on Amazon?

Most goods will succeed if, at minimum, one of the preceding questions is answered positively. 

Is your Listing Indexed?

Individual words in your listing’s title, bullets, or other data formats allow you to be indexed for terms in Amazon search.

Each keyword phrase for which you are indexed is an additional doorway a buyer may use to discover your product. Being indexed for one keyword phrase implies that if a buyer puts that primary keyword into the search box, there will be a result anywhere in the search results.

Ideally, you’ll want to appear on page one of highly relevant searches; nevertheless, being indexed for such a keyword phrase is the first step.

Having your product indexed for as many highly relevant keywords as possible is critical to your success on Amazon. Even with EBC, it’s hard to keep making sales if you don’t show up in Amazon searches. Indexing can be achieved through Amazon PPC techniques.

Improve Your Listing Images

Although written material is essential, a picture is worth a thousand words. On Amazon, having well-optimized photos is essential, especially since just your title and images appear above the fold on mobile.

Improve Your Listing Images

You may suffer from lower conversion rates and pay more in advertising expenditures if you have low-quality product images. Many customers choose one supplier over another merely because the images of the other suppliers’ items make their items more attractive.

Images should emphasize the product, key characteristics, and immediate advantages.

Your main picture has to follow certain rules, but your secondary photos could give important information about your product.

EBC Aka A+ Content 

Amazon listing optimization is vital for conversion in combination with your product images. When writing content for your product description page, you should always try to keep a delicate balance. Amazon EBC appears on 91% of best-seller lists.

EBC Aka A+ Content 

Include as many related searches as you can in your title and bullets. This will help index your listing. You must, however, moderate that by creating appealing A+ content that will convert customers who visit your listing.

If you don’t focus on both goals, your listing will suffer, and your overall Amazon paid ads expense will rise. People frequently focus solely on the language in the listing’s headline and bullets. 

However, you should also consider extra structural data, like your rear search keywords, to ensure that you index for the most significant amount of words. 

This also enables you to index for other purposes that you may not want to mention on your product information page.

Evaluate PPC Campaigns

So you’ve done everything on the list but still failed to earn sales on Amazon. The final step is to evaluate your pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Here are some things to remember:

  • Amazon PPC advertising drives customers to the product page, so ensure you’re targeting the right people. Campaigns take money to run, and you want to ensure the potential people see them.
  • Examine the keywords you’re utilizing. Find the keywords in your listings first, then cross-reference them with the keyword list that reveals the most researched and greatest conversions.

No Positive Feedback

More than 91% of customers regularly read reviews, and 84% trust them as much as they would do a personal endorsement of the product.

In short, reviews are critical. They are the primary means by which you express trust, honesty, and a solid reputation to consumers, assuring them that they are making the proper decision in acquiring your goods.

No Positive Feedback

Reviews also help increase your appearance in search results. Products with very few or low-star ratings will be de-ranked, while those with numerous or high-star reviews will be ranked higher. 

Amazon wants to ensure that its customers are satisfied so that it can lead them to more reliable items of higher quality.

If you’re having trouble getting more ratings, the easiest approach is to enroll in the Vine review program at Amazon, which charges a fee for it. In return, you will get reviews for your products. You will need to take care of your Amazon Account Management, and the Vine program will take care of product ratings and reviews. 

A professional Amazon account management agency like SPCTEK will handle things for you in a competent and consistent manner that meets Amazon standards, freeing you up to focus on other things.

Final Thoughts

When dealing with halted sales on Amazon, making changes can often be as simple as 1-2-3, which will be beneficial. 

Making these changes might not get you results right away. But you should aim for consistent and long-term success. You should focus on Amazon EBC, good quality pictures, keyword indexing, and proper keyword research for the ranking of your product. 

Pricing rules that capitalize on the market, competition, and user behavior can change overnight. Also, check out How to Pick a Great Product to Sell on Amazon?

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