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eBay Product listing Guide

How to Create a Top-Selling eBay Listings in 10 Steps

Since the e-commerce industry is growing rapidly, sellers face rigorous competition in driving revenue from selling anything. When eBay was new, sellers used to sell their products based on a simple demand-supply system. But eBay’s product listing has changed a lot since then.

Back in the day, people used to come looking for something, a seller used to be offering that, and Bingo! Now there are too many sellers selling the same products. Therefore, sellers must make their listings stand out to attract more customers.

A lot of factors contribute to making a top-selling eBay product listing. We have compiled a 10-step strategy you can adapt to achieve that very goal.

So without any more Jibber Jabber, let’s delve in.

1. Custom Listing using Software

A listing that has a more professional vibe would come off as more trustworthy. A high-quality and refined listing design tends to convert more visitors into buyers. 

Freelancing platforms let you hire freelancers or service provider agencies to make a custom design for your listing. You can also use third-party software that provides pre-designed templates to create a high-end custom listing.

2. eBay’s Catalogue Listing

Instead of using a custom listing, you can opt for an eBay catalog. It is another helpful way to appear professional to your customers. It allows you to add your product to a shared eBay bulk listing where other sellers are selling the same item.

eBay picks the pictures of the product from the ones the sellers submit. Further, the catalog presents the description and other details of the product in a standard way that helps your credibility.

3. Picking up attributes of the Product

Choosing which attribute of the product to present in which manner is essential. It can help you a lot with improving the visibility of your product. You can use attributes like color, brand, functions, size, and more, to make your products stand out.

Product Attributes for ebay Listings
Source: eBay

Choosing an attribute helps you with eBay and other external search engines like Google. More identifiers would better assist your customers, making them more likely to place an order.

4. Good Quality Pictures

Pictures are essential visual presentations that potential buyers can rely on to see the product they are buying. They also serve as your first impression on the buyers. Therefore, it is crucial to get them right.

You can use the following tips to develop a good picture portfolio for your products.

Good Quality Pictures for eBay Listings
  • Quality of Pictures: Use high-resolution pictures with adequate lighting. It would present your products better to the customers and make you look more professional.
  • Size of the Pictures: Make sure your photos have the proper size. They should not appear out of proportion or pixelated. 
  • Variety of Pictures: You should have enough pictures to cover every aspect of the item you are selling. 
  • Minimalism: Keep the images minimalistic. They should not have loud backgrounds, texts, or borders. Keeping your photos simple would help your customers avoid distractions.

5. Using eBay SEO

If your products appear earlier in the search results, customers are more likely to consider buying them. People generally do not want to go through page after page. Instead, they would look at a few top results and make their pick. That’s why having your product in the top results can make all the difference. 

eBay’s search engine uses keywords to determine where a product would rank in a search result. It determines what results are most relevant to a visitor’s search. 

You can optimize your product’s ranking using keywords in the following ways:

  • Using a keyword research tool: There are many paid and unpaid keyword research tools, like Ahrefs, & Google Keyword Planner, that you can use to find out the most frequent words buyers use to search for a product. 
  • Doing your own research: Alternatively, you can conduct your own eBay SEO keyword research. Look for identical or similar products to those you sell and check the most frequent words other buyers have used in their product listings.

6. Competitive Pricing

A helpful way to make your eBay product listing stand out is by offering better prices. Almost all the visitors compare prices offered by different suppliers while they scroll through their options.

Thus, your product will likely make more sales if your prices are better than most other suppliers.

However, you must consider how much of a discount you can provide while remaining profitable in the long run. You can try experimenting with different prices and comparing sales results for each price to see the optimal price relief you can offer.

7. Using eBay Advertising

You can also opt for eBay Promoted Listings for improved product visibility. Since this eBay marketing is not free, you should consider when and which Product to put on the Promoted List. When people are more interested in making purchases, such as during vacations might be a good time to use the scheme.

eBay Advertising
source: eBay

8. High Seller Rating

eBay seller rating can also have a massive impact on the visibility of your product. If you receive frequent negative feedback from buyers, the ranking of your listing will go down. 

To maintain a higher seller rating, you should try to comply with eBay’s criteria for top-rated sellers.

eBay High Seller Rating

9. Shipment and Return Policies

eBay Shipment and Return Policies

Despite the popularization of e-commerce, people are still very sceptical about online purchases. Offering Free shipping and return policies can help convince reluctant buyers. It assures them that their money will not go to waste and that they can return an item if they don’t like it.

10. Legal Compliance

Not following laws and regulations can result in the removal of your listing. eBay does not check compliance itself until the right owner registers a claim. Therefore, you, as a seller, are responsible for ensuring you follow all standards. 

For example, make sure you don’t break any copyrights by using pictures or brand names without permission.

Concluding Remarks!

You can follow these steps to create a top-selling eBay product listing. To develop a strategy that suits you the best, you should experiment with different techniques and keep track of which ones help you garner more effective results. 

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